The Red Carpet - Great Properties - is the young, dynamic and innovative network born from the experience derived from 10 years of professional collaboration with Pirelli Real Estate of Milan, which in recent years has dictated the most innovative rhythms and operating methods of the national real estate market. Our agencies represent the best you can find today in terms of professional high-profile and deontological skills and abilities, able to help you to develop those characteristics of seriousness and attention to the customer that are essential to operate in the current context of the retail real estate market. Each of our company is structured in 3 macro-segments according to the areas of operation:


Holiday rental

Financial services

The aim is to cover the whole range of needs of a clientele that is attentive and ready to seize the opportunities of the real estate market. We have structured our network in a light and flexible way, with low affiliation costs and a very rich range of tools to make available to our affiliates. Ask without obligation for more information on how to join the network: you will discover a new and elegant way to operate in the European real estate market.


Red Carpet - Great Properties - proposes itself in the retail real estate market with an innovative business model, which aims to actively contribute to the evolution of the quality standards of the offer to the final customer. Red Carpet avails itself of real estate consultants able to support its customers in all the choices regarding the buying and selling of real estate, leasing, financing and related investment. A consultancy that does not end with the completion of an acquisition or a sale, but continues over time with post-sales assistance and the integration of the portfolio of services offered.


Red Carpet operates, on the basis of its distinctive business model, on the one hand in the co-investment sector - in funds and property owners companies - which sees the Company engaged alongside the main international investors; on the other side in real estate management (fund & asset management - F&A).

F&A management consists of identifying, acquiring, developing and actively managing real estate assets in different market segments, through investment companies or real estate funds. The latter, monitored and promoted by Red Carpet, are closed and specialized by type of product, both in an opportunistic and long-term perspective.

In particular, we identify and coordinate investment initiatives in the non-residential real estate sectors. In this context, both enhancement operations are carried out aimed at repositioning the properties on the market, and development operations through the construction of new complexes for commercial use. This activity is expressed in the acquisition of properties and subsequent placement on the market through the split sale of housing units (trading) or in the management of the process that starts with the identification of favorable real estate transactions, proceeds with the realization of the product and ends with the sale of the houses built (development). In this context, we have numerous investment opportunities throughout Italy of income-generating properties, usually part of closed-end real estate investment funds, and leased to leading companies of national and European interest, such as Telecom and Enel, with royalties of interesting leases and therefore provide an excellent financial return on the investment made.

In other words, there is the possibility of buying these properties, usually located in city centers, receiving, with ten-year guaranteed contracts, an excellent rental fee, with returns of between 5.50 and 6.50% on the amount spent for the purchase.

It is immediately clear therefore that no banking institution is able to guarantee these financial rents today in the current situation of compression downwards of both active and passive interest rates. Unless you are prepared to accept high levels of risk. To learn more, send us your requests. We will be happy to discuss with you some truly unique investment opportunities.

Wide availability of properties abroad, on the best international markets: we select for you the most interesting properties and the most competitive markets on the price side to guarantee you the best possible investment.


Dott. Maurizio Carolillo

General Manager

Avv. Alberto Carolillo

Legal services Manager

Valentina Narracci

Office Manager

Alberto Minoia

Sales Manager